Bali Is My Life Program Re-launched by Bali Hotels Association

Posted on June 15, 2010


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Bali, June 12, 2010 – Today, Bali Is My Life program is re-launched by Bali Hotels Association (BHA) at Nikko Bali Resort and Spa. As one of the many promotion programs for Bali, Bali Is My Life presents new features as follows: additional characters symbolizing Bali as a tourism destination, a documentary movie about Bali, BHA’s brand new high technology visitor’s guide using 2D Barcodes, BHA’s revamped website.

After the success of its previous characters, Bali Is My Life brings to life new characters depicting the existence of Bali to complement the theme, consisting of the princess, the stone carver, the Kecak dancer, the architect, the warung owner and the rafter.

The documentary movie shows scenes of the Balinese characters in their normal course of life, with their talents, dedication and skills forming the core of the tourism industries in Bali. The trailer will be one of the advertisement tools. BHA also presents the visitor’s guide using 2D Barcodes, which is currently operated only in Bali.

Bali is My Life, a part of a nationwide effort to promote Bali, was adopted by Bali Hotels Association (BHA) to reassert Bali as a destination of choice for international travelers and for visitors to make Bali a genuine part of their lives too.

Bali, as a genuine and unique cultural island had to seek alternative ways to promote itself. Starting five years ago, a team was appointed to invent a new kind of promotion for Bali, not through the conventional methods of featuring the island’s beauty or tourism industry but through the one consistent backbone of the island, its people. Through this program, the Balinese people are awakened to embrace their individual and unique roles in the vibrant life of the island.

This team searched for people who fabricated the very existence and traditions of Bali, starting with a young dancer. She was not just a dancer, her mother and grandmother were dancers, and even her great grandmother was Bali’s oldest performing dancer. They found a mask carving artisan whose family had lived and worked in the same compound for 800 years.

And so the characters were born: the dancer, the mask carver, the artist, the masseuse, the chef, the surfer, the farmer, and the schoolgirl. BHA launched the program continuation with a new series of characters.

Anak Agung Ayu Dwara Wati Karangasem represents Balinese art and culture as the princess. She is the great granddaughter of the last king or Karangasem. She lives in Denpasar where she is studying to be a dentist. Her family is all well versed in Balinese traditions, particularly the Karangasem Puri as their heritage. As a modern day princess, Haley can bridge the gap between ancient and modern.

Another character representing Balinese art and culture is the stone carver, Wayan Cemul, one of Indonesia’s national treasures. Recognized as one of Bali’s famous sculpture, he was the sole student of sculptor Kadir and developed his own unique primitive style art stone carvings for many years. His creation decorates galleries and gardens in many countries.

The Kecak dancer, Kecak Rina, represents Balinese art and culture. He is a legend in Bali as an innovative dancer of huge energy. His own Kecak troupe is a highly original and charged performance. He also invents his own style of Kecak and dances many others traditional dances. As a choreographer, he creates new versions of older dance performances.

Popo Danes, the architect, represents the Balinese Community. He is one of Bali’s most renowned architects with a range of award winning designs for resort hotels, villas and other interesting creations. He loves Bali’s because it give him access to international thoughts and influences while retaining its true Balinese identity.

Another character for Balinese community is the Warung owner, Ibu Mangku. She has operated her warung Nasi Ayam Kedewatan since 1984. Although the original family has expanded and now opens branches, the quality remains unchanged. Everything is still cooked on wood fires under her strict supervision in her original Kedewatan home. Her food is famous and people come from far and near to try it.

Bali with its waves and beaches creates the character the Surfer, I Gede Budiyasa representing Balinese Leisure. Budi’s daily mission is to make sure guests can call themselves a surfer in three hours.

All these real-life characters symbolize that Bali is not merely a manufactured Western playground, but an island where its inhabitants live and love.

“BHA is honored to support Bali’s promotion efforts through Bali Is My Life initiative. Hopefully our work will contribute in preserving Bali’s unique cultural and historical value” claims Jean-Charles Le Coz, chairman of BHA, “ with these initiative in place, surely we will reach new heights in Bali’s tourism.”

“We have designed Bali Is My Life collaterals for BHA members and tourism stakeholders at large, to use for internal and external promotion,” he says further. We appeal to all members to support our cause in promoting Bali.

About BHA

Bali Hotels Association is a professional group of star rated hotels and resorts in Bali. Members include General Managers from more than 100 hotels and resorts in Bali that representing more than 15,000 hotel rooms and almost 30,000 employees in tourism sector.

One of the objectives of BHA is to support and facilitate the development of communities, education and environment in Bali. BHA has initiated many projects involving the association members as well as the people in the industry. Only by supporting each other this long term projects can be achieved and benefits everyone in the island.

Our Vision

To keep Bali as the most desirable tourism destination in Asia through the warmth and hospitality of its people.

Our Mission

To bring together all General Managers of hotels, villas and resorts in a non-competitive environment, to exchange information on matters of general interest, to have a common voice on issues pertaining to the tourism and hospitality industries in support of Bali as a destination.

To support and facilitate the development of Balinese community, education and environment initiatives in Bali.

More about Bali Is My Life visit our website

For further information contact:

Mr Jean-Charles Le Coz

Chairman of Bali Hotels Association



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